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Service Fees

Research Services

Retrieval of materials for reading room use You may receive up to 5 books, serial volumes, newspaper packages, or microfilm reels, or 4 manuscript collection boxes, per paging. Consulting staff in advance of your visit will reduce the waiting time after you submit a request. (Some items may not be available immediately.) IHRC materials do not circulate and may only be used in the reading room.
Duplication Selected materials from the holdings of the IHRC Archives, unless restricted, may be either photocopied or digitally reproduced; procedures and regulations for each are delineated in the corresponding request forms for these services. Usually, up to one half of the volume of an individual collection may be duplicated, depending on available staff time and resources. Also, most microfilm reels for which the IHRC holds master negatives can be duplicated for purchase. Please note: No personal scanners or other duplicating devices are allowed in the reading room. All duplication services will be performed by the IHRC staff only. Prepayment is required for all duplication requests. Please contact one of our collections staff for billing information.Consult with staff if you wish to use a digital camera.
Computer Searching Finding aids for IHRC manuscript collections are available online. Additional container lists may be available upon request. Books and serials that are cataloged can be searched though MNCAT. A card catalog for uncataloged print (in foreign languages) is available onsite. See the IHRC homepage for search portals.
Microfilm Equipment A digital microfilm reader is available for patron use, and captured images can be saved or emailed. Procedures for using this equipment are posted near the machine.
Preferred Format for Citation/Credit

Example: "Anthony Capraro Papers, Box 10, Folder 4, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota."

Should the IHRC prove to be a significant resource for a publication, please send a copy to the IHRC.



For research inquiries, please try the following tools first:

Search IHRC archival collections  

If none of these can answer your question, we will be glad to advise you on your search. When submitting your email research inquiry, please indicate your name, address and/or institutional affiliation, and the purpose of your research. Be as specific as possible. IHRC staff cannot answer broad questions or attempt to locate materials in collections for which detailed container lists are not available.

Email research inquiries are handled in the order in which they arrive, due to the large volume of incoming messages. Our goal is to respond to off-site requests within two weeks if at all possible.

For a "Research" inquiry or to send us a question or comment, contact the IHRC via email at

Service Fees

Prepayment is required for the following patron services.
Please contact to determine the amount to remit.


  On-Site Requests Off-site Requests (photocopying is limited to 20 pages) Internal Rates**
Books $0.15/page free $.12/page
Serials $0.15/page free $.12/page
Manuscripts $0.25/page free $.20/page
Newspapers $0.25/page free $.20/page


Microfilm Duplication

Single Reel $40.00/each $36.00/each
Two or More Reels $35.00/each $31.00/each


Digital Duplication of Photographs and Other Images

Scans - High Resolution, 300 DPI & greater$10.00/each$8.00/each
Scans - Low Resolution, less than 300 DPI$7.50/each$5.00/each
Digital Camera (large formats)$27.00/each*$16.00/each*

* Services provided by the U of MN Digital Collections Unit, add $2.00 processing fee per order charged by DCU.

** The University mandates external/internal charges. Any charge originating from university departments, students, or staff on university business will incur the internal charge. Examples include, but are not limited to, term/research papers, class presentation materials, and departmental functions or projects. Students must present a current ID and staff should provide an EFS number for internal billing at the time of placing an order.

Commercial Use of Photographs and Other Images

$50.00/first image$25.00/each additional image


Delivery Fees

Mail DeliveryPostage, plus $3.00 handling
Fax - Domestic$1.00/first page; $0.50/each additional page
Fax - International$3.00/first page; $1.00/each additional page
"Rush" OrdersDouble order price (minimum $15.00)

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