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Dates: 1890s-1979
Abstract: Few personal documents, obituary, scholarly work, newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, program, song book, prints.
Quantity: 3 linear in.
Language: Estonian, English, German
Collection ID: IHRC3720


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, New Jersey), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2012. Gristel Ramler and Tiina Trumberg of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


Leetaru, Edmund (Leiten, also Leiten, Edmund Eduard) 20.03.1910 Tallinn, Estonia – 13.07.1995 New York, USA

Medical doctor. 1928 graduated from J. Westholm Gymnasium in Tallinn, Estonia. 1928-1935 sudied in University of Tartu medical school. 1936 graduated from Estonian Military School. 1939-1941 studied in University of Tartu faculty of law, could not finish his studies. 1946 Dr. Med from J. W. Goethe University at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Worked as a doctor in Tartu 2nd air force division, 1935-1940 was a doctor in Murru prison in Vasalemma, 1940-1941 private practice in Tallinn, 1942-1944 was the director of healthcare department in the Estonian Self-Administration. 1944 emigrated to Germany, 1949 went to USA.1951-1975 had a private practice in New York, 1975-1991 was a doctor for disabled persons in New York. Member of the fraternity Rotalia (korp! Rotalia).

About Edmund Leetaru: Eesti arstid 1940-1960. [Pärnu], 2000. p. 419. Per aspera ad astra : Jakob Westholm ja tema kool. 3. Toronto ; Tln., 1999. p. 124. Pedak, Johannes. Edmund Leetaru in memoriam. // Vaba Eesti Sõna (New York, USA), 1995, 21. sept., nr. 38, p. 10-11.



Archive consists of 8 folders.


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The Leetaru, Edmund Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota


IHRC3730 Leetaru, Ilse

IHRC3708 Leetaru, Hannes

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Detailed Description of the Collection

BOX 1.

FOLDER 1. Edmund Leetaru's personal documents: Estonian Chamber of Doctors certificate, certificates, membership card, funeral sheet
FOLDER 2. Edmund Leetaru's doctoral thesis in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main "Die Wirkung von Hefe bei Unterernährten" Sept. 1946
FOLDER 3. Edmund Leetaru's article about baldness in the newspaper "Vaba Eesti Sõna" 1955
FOLDER 4. Articles from various authors (Aleksis Rannit, Karl Laantee and Paul Lannus) with dedications to Edmund Leetaru. A. Rannit's speech "The logic of poetic symbols in the age of science" (delivered in 1959 XX International Congress of P.E.N., Frankfurt am Main 1953-1975
FOLDER 5. Pamphlets "The Estonian Sea-mud Health Resorts" 1932, "Hermia Palace Pöstyen. Thermalbad und Physikalische Heilanstalt" 1930s , copy of an article by R. Von Ungern-Sternberg "Die Bevölkerungsverhältnisse in Estland, Lettland, Litauen und Polen" Berlin 1939
FOLDER 6. Newspaper "Rheingauer Anzeiger" 1945 and Headquarters U.S. Forces, Office of Military Government (U.S. Zone) circular letter Nov. 16 1945
FOLDER 7. Collected copies of newspapers and books about the actions of Communists in Estonia since 1922, print "Communist Takeover and Occupation of Estonia" Washington 1955 etc. 1924-1979
FOLDER 8. Prints "Jagdfristen und Schonzeiten. Ausgabe des Estlandischen Jagdvereins für seine Damen" 1890s and "Noorte laulik"; copy of K. Teder's article "Early Photography in Eastern Europe - Estonia" ("History of Photography" Vol. 1, Nr 3, July 1977 1890s-1977