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Dates: 1942?-1994
Abstract: Archive consists of random documents about Heino Kalda, the documents are mainly about Lakewood Estonian Officers Council and New York Male Choir, the archive also includes medals of honor and badges, minutes, circular letters, correspondence, memoirs (mostly about Estonian military school), manuscripts, bulletin „Leelo“, sheet music, Endrik Tamm's biograpy, fraternity "Ugala."
Quantity: 5 linear in.
Language: Estonian, English
Collection ID: IHRC3612


Collection transferred to the IHRC from the Estonian Archives in the U.S.A. (EAU) in 2003-2005. It was processed as part of a collaborative project between the Estonian Archives in the USA (Lakewood, New Jersey), the National Archives of Estonia (NAE), and the IHRC in March 2012. Gristel Ramler and Tiina Trumberg of the National Archives in Tallinn, Estonia, worked with IHRC staff on the project.


March 19, 1902 Aleksandri parish, Võrumaa county, Estonia - November 29, 1994 Lakewood, New Jersey Participated in the Estonian War of Independence as a volunteer. Studied law in the University of Tartu 1936-1942. Worked in the financial department of Tallinn City Council. Studied in the Military School of the Republic of Estonia, was an Estonian Army officer (from 1936). Served in the Estonian military from 1922. Served in Tallinn Home Guard during WWII. Emigrated to Germany in 1944, spent time in Geislingen DP camp. Resettled in USA in 1949, worked as a draftsman in a New York construction company. Member of many organizations: NY Estonian Male Chorus (first chairman), NY St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fraternity "Ugala". Member of New York Estonian Officers Council. Spouse: Marta Kalda-Raid? (1905-1956) Awards: White Cross (3rd class)



Archive consists of 14 folders.


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The Kalda, Heino Papers, Estonian American Collection, IHRC Archives, University of Minnesota


IHCR 3086 New York Estonian Male Chorus

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Detailed Description of the Collection

BOX 1.

FOLDER 1. Miscellaneous about Heino Kalda: clippings, funeral sheet, copy from a letter to friends from 1994, certificate of merit from 1984 1952-1994
FOLDER 2. Documents related to the New York Estonian Male Choir. Drafts of minutes 1950-1951, circular letters, correspondence, speech and article texts etc. Includes Heino Kalda's memoirs about the beginning of New York Estonian Male Choir 1950-1977
FOLDER 3. New York Estonian Male Choir bulletins and newspaper "Leelo" March 1950-Sept.1952 1950-1952
FOLDER 4. New York Estonian Male Choir musical notes 1950-1970s first half 1950-1970s
FOLDER 5. Documents related to Finnish colonel Eino Kuusela's visit to New York 1962-1963
correspondence, notes, visit programs, H. Kalda's speech draft etc.
FOLDER 6. Memoirs about military education in the Republic of Estonia: colonel Nigul Ermasto's memoirs from military school 1921-1922 (1975), lieutenant Adolf Lind's memoirs about the aspirant course 1927-1928 (1975), Heino Kalda's memoirs from non-commissioned officers course. Oath by a private studying in non-commissioned officers school (re-written in 1985) 1975-1985
FOLDER 7. Estonian Officers General Council in USA: correspondence, circular letters, speech drafts, notes, membership lists etc. 1982-1988; Lakewood Estonian Officers Council circular letters, correspondence, minutes, speech and letter drafts 1983-1987 1982-1988
FOLDER 8. Endrik Tamm's biography, sent by E. Tamm to Heino Kalda in 1982, fragments of Endrik Tamm's memoirs 1982
FOLDER 9. Circular letters from Fraternity Ugala USA Division and Fraternity Ugala in Estonia 1992-1993; Heino Kalda's speech text, written for the jubilee of the fraternity member Eerik Roomet (undated) 1992-1993
FOLDER 10. Program of an event of Estonians abroad, commemorating the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the Soviet occupation in Estonia; documents of various Estonian organizations: charter of the Estonian House in New York and Lakewood Legion of Estonian Liberation, Inc.; correspondence between Estonian Sports Association in the U.S. and the Estonian Archives in the U.S. 1955-1986
FOLDER 11. Marta Kalda's work certificate from the first half of 1940s, Hilda Treumuth's funeral sheet 1985
FOLDER 12. Universitas Tartuensis Medal of Honor, Johan Kõpp-Episcopus; Estonian Scout Movement (in exile 1944) Medal of Honor 1912-1962
FOLDER 13. Several badges from various Estonian events in USA and Canada; Helme Vocational School emblem
FOLDER 14. Books given to Heino Kalda: collection of male choir songs (1948), book about general Johan Laidoner