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Requesting Reproductions

The digital images in this online collection are intended for personal, educational, and scholarly use and are not intended for commercial publication, broadcast, or display unless specific permissions have been obtained through the IHRC.

Please review the following duplication regulations and copyright statement that governs the use of these images.


1. Duplication services will be arranged by IHRC staff only.

2. Scanning services are strictly for capturing the image. No manipulation of the image will be performed. Prints, or a disk for transporting the electronic file will be supplied for an additional cost. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to have the image sent to the requester via e-mail.

3. Photographs and digital images may be cropped to suit design or layout, but they must not be altered or drawn upon so that they look in any way different from the original appearance.

4. Special conditions - e.g. fragility of the item(s), pending publication by another scholar, excessive staff time required - may prohibit duplication.

5. By providing reproduced photographs, scanned images, and color photocopies, the IHRC is in no way transferring property rights of the photographs or graphic originals, nor is it granting permission to publish, broadcast, or display the images. Publication permission is a separate privilege that a requester is responsible for obtaining. In some cases, the IHRC can itself render this decision; in others, it must be deferred to a different owner of publication rights. In either case, requests to publish photographs or graphics should be directed in writing to the IHRC Curator.

6. Along with appropriate permission, commercial use (includes publication and web pages) of IHRC photos or graphic images requires a fee of $50.00 for the first image and $25.00 for each additional photograph or image to be paid by the requester or publisher to the IHRC.

7. Preferred Format for Citation/Credit. In publications citing manuscript or photograph collections, please follow this example: "Anthony Capraro Papers, Box 10, Folder 4, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota" Should the IHRC prove to be a significant resource for a publication, please send a copy of the publication to the IHRC. Use of an image from the IHRC collection for display on the World Wide Web shall contain a proper citation next to or directly below the image as well as a link to the IHRC's web page

For information on requesting duplication services, pricing, formats, and delivery, please review our Patron Services.